The Transformational Stages of The Ego & The Soul

Stage 1: Obliviousness — You carry on in life not differentiating between your soul and your body. The word “I” brings a sense of identity through past experiences, beliefs, hobbies, relationships, physical appearance, career path, material possessions, and more. Perhaps there’s a fatigue in participating in the seemingly endless routine of working all day and relaxing when possible. There’s no questioning regarding who you really are, why you are here, or where you came from. There’s also no understanding of why you think in the patterns that you do. The Ego is in full control during this stage. The pure bliss you experienced as a child has been crammed deep into the abyss of your mind as a way to let underlying beliefs rule your thinking: “You’re not good enough to receive love”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, and “You must have societal status to be happy” are some examples. Perhaps walls of defense have been built from years of suffering with a bad relationship or childhood trauma. During the obliviousness-stage, there’s no distinction between what you believe to be true and what you know to be true. There’s no understanding of how much time you’ve wasted not utilizing your divine gift of consciousness due to societal conditioning. There’s always been the choice of obtaining a better, more fulfilling life.

Stage 2: Recognition of Duality — At some point in time, you realize that the voice inside of your head is actually not you. If you sit down in a quiet area, close your eyes, and internally ask yourself “Who are you?”, you will likely feel chills roll down your spine because you are tapping into your consciousness. After all, who are you? This recognition-stage tends to be quite difficult for people to cope with due to the years of attachment to trivial things that don’t actually define them. Cracks in your belief system start to emerge, but it’s difficult to let go yet. Recognizing duality means that you can start to distinguish between your Ego’s limiting beliefs and your true, divine intuition. Follow the chills.

Stage 3: Pulsations — It takes time to de-condition yourself from all of the negative limiting beliefs your parents and/or our culture have programmed you to believe. It’s difficult to have your view on reality shifted so dramatically, which is why dramatic oscillations of anxiety, anger, and/or sadness often pulsate with feelings of child-like bliss and love for the universe/life. You desperately try to hold onto the life you know because the unknown is scarier than anything else, but your strain to stay sane is only making the adjustment more difficult. Your life may appear to be disintegrating during this stage: old relationships may dissipate, long-time habits may be overthrown, and there may be a lack of monetary abundance. Note that the universe will obstruct your life’s stability, but it will not mess with your survival. Life has your soul incubating as mental and spiritual preparation for the better life that’s on the horizon for you. Things will get a lot easier, but it’s hard to believe that during the pulsations-stage of awakening. It’s important to understand that the initial destruction of limiting beliefs hurts your Ego, not you. Emotional pain is just a different energy vibration that we perceive as negative if our Ego is controlling us. Each sensation of emotional pain is a kiss from life trying to remind you that your negative limiting beliefs are hurting your well-being. Why would life put you through all of this pain just to teach you? Lessons cannot be learned without pain because only the true darkness of pain can unlock the beautiful brightness of bliss. At a more technical level, the pulsation-stage forces you to reconsider your whole life and purpose. Your new, fulfilling life isn’t here yet, but you cannot go back to what you were doing. The universe is showing you the way, but it is you who must change internally. Yoga, meditation, and prayer will guide you and are imperative in this process. The free-flowing movements of your body will integrate your internal voices at a spiritual level. The pulsations that keep you awake all night illuminate how asleep most other people are. A barrage of fear may paralyze your judgement, but it’s important to realize that these pulsations will not outlast your development. When your transformation is complete, you will be loved and accepted for who you really are — every quirk within your personality will still be embraced. Your desires, whether it be a loving relationship with someone or monetary abundance, really will find you through the magic of a heightened energy vibration.

Stage 4: Transforming into the Witness (Temporarily) — A great deal of distance is obtained between the Ego and the Soul, or true self. For some this transformation happens all at once (Kundalini Awakening) as a shot of divine energy through your spine and out of the top of your head, but for others there is a gradual development that occurs over a longer amount of time. Regardless, both pathways lead to your reality tree being shaken through the storm of suffering. When peering into the mirror, you now see one of the many bodies you have had, rather than your body. Your mind is very quiet. There are no limiting beliefs to restrict you from absorbing every ounce of beauty in the world. The hologram we reside in has a stunning craftsmanship with every last detail popping. The hustle and bustle of society fits in perfectly as a harmonious contrary energy vibration to the stillness of trees, grass, and water. Temporarily becoming the “witness” of your own existence unlocks an extreme sense of bliss within you. You feel physically lighter and unconcerned by everything. By now, your thoughts can essentially be deconstructed before you think them. There’s a seemingly extended response-time between when you think a thought and when you think about the thought you just thought. You become the script-writer, actor, and audience at the exact same time, floating through life while enjoying everything. Despite all of your bliss, there is a bit of nostalgia for the Ego. While the Ego has currently lost nearly all control, there is a desire to regain a balance and reintegrate into society. Just like the pulsations of our world and existence, your internal yin and yang will restabilize…

Stage 5: Integration of The Ego — The Ego returns! After a little while of drifting through life’s pure nature, a restabilization occurs. It’s very important to realize that your Ego is not meant to be disintegrated forever or ignored at all. The Ego’s function is to protect you. Perhaps your Ego built up towering walls of limiting beliefs because you felt betrayed in a relationship with a lover or family member. It could even be true that a past life’s karma was present for you in this simulation trial, prompting your Ego to have its defenses ready. It doesn’t matter, though; what’s important now is that you’re ready for your life to take flight with your internal voice in harmonious rhythm. It may take time to reintegrate the Ego into thought patterns, as a spiritual vocabulary may give the Ego ideas of correcting how other people think against their will — which is bad and controlling. In time everything within you will balance out. The Ego’s return is necessary because the Ego allows you to have desires. Desires are good, but when people blindly chase illogical dreams that someone else thought for them failure is inevitable. A lack of egoic integration mixed with illogical desires is a recipe for undergoing repeated disappointment as you sprint through the obstacles of society. It’s good to feel a desire to obtain monetary abundance/financial stability, to find a loving relationship and to sexually please your partner, and/or to find friends to spend time with. But these were all the things I wanted from the beginning, so what was the point of this whole process? The point is that now your Ego is in harmony with your Soul, so instead of grinding for a career path that someone else told you to do for societal status, you can follow your true passion. Now instead of sleeping and interacting with people who don’t care about you or themselves, your heart is open to meeting your true soulmate. Are these things really going to happen for me though? Yeah, they really will happen for you. Have faith in the idea that the universe absolutely loves courage, so if you were courageous enough to walk the path of egoic integration alone, you should know that a twinkle of good luck will magically follow you when you blaze your next trail in life. The Universe/God/Life is ultimately in control, but this whole process was just trying to show you that you could have always had whatever you desired once you opened up your mind and heart. The universe makes things happen. You’ll still keep all of your individual characteristics too. Life’s a party and you’re lucky to be here, so just have fun and do whatever you want to do in life while being kind to your fellow souls.




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