Leftist Extremism is a Deadlier Virus than COVID-19

Release a deadly virus. Don’t tell them about the 99.8% survival rate; only show them the mass numbers of deaths. Lock down and dehumanize the citizens. Have them stay in quarantine. Tell them not to leave home. Instill fear within them. Damage the economy. Close thousands of businesses. Make the people jobless. Let the desperation settle in. Anxiety. Depression. Irrational fear.

We’re going to use the tragic death of an African-American man as an excuse to violently loot and shatter the windows of innocent businesses. More economic destruction. Encourage the looting and socialist-extremist principles. Tell them to rally. Have them defund the police. Take away their right to own weaponry. Appeal to the young people by programming their beliefs through social media. Take away their ability to gather at churches — most of them probably don’t even realize how powerful their prayers can be anyway.

Have the largest tech companies filter out any right-wing ideology. Let their young minds marinate in an ocean of left wing — extremist propaganda. Show police brutality and don’t show the more common occurrence of a police officer doing his/her job correctly. Use Donald Trump as the scapegoat. Make Trump out to be racist and hide Joe Biden’s racist remarks. Give no coverage of Donald Trump’s tax reform and peace deals. Don’t remind them that Donald Trump was successful in not starting any new wars and hide the fact that his beloved predecessor Barack Obama started a war. Don’t let them know that the Obama administration deported more minorities on a per year basis than the Trump administration did. Feed them the idea that Obama was a great president because he is African-American. Trump was awful because he stood for core American principles like Freedom of Speech and Free Market Capitalism. Do everything possible to get rid of Alex Jones. Jones knows too much information that we cannot afford to get let out. Keep an eye on Elon Musk too.

We have the people right where we want them. Anxious desperation will soon lead to mass civil unrest. Soon we will be able to crush any person elaborating core right-wing ideology by using the citizens themselves. We will conquer this country by infecting its citizens from the inside-out. We control what they think and how they feel. What’s the first step to world domination? Sack the most powerful and prominent country in the world and team up with China and Russia. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? First, America must fall.

All of this time they didn’t realize that we were the virus they should’ve been afraid of. I am licking my lips over the thought of every last free-thinker in this country being suffocated by the swarm of keyboard-warrior “awoken” citizens. I can’t wait. A nation destroyed by the very people it sustains. How sad. A change is in the air, gentlemen. I can feel it. Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss was the first step in the fall of The United States of America and they don’t know it yet. This is the takeover! Oh, and don’t let anyone post anything (like an article) about these plans! Lord Zuckerberg would be quite displeased if we let these nectarous lies seep through the cracks. Have the sheep stay in their flock!




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Lou Pastor

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