7 Bradley Beal Mock Trades [NBA]

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brevard

Bradley Beal Trade #1: Golden State

Golden State Warriors Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Jordan Bell C WAS Age: 26 — (minimum salary)

Washington Wizards Receive

James Wiseman C GSW Age: 19 — ($8.73 M, $9.16 M, $9.60 M (TO), $12.12 M (TO))

2021 1st round pick (Top 3 protected — Rolls over to 2022 Unprotected 1st, MIN)

2023 1st round pick (Lottery Protected, GSW)

Kelly Oubre Jr. SG GSW Age: 25 — ($14.37 M)


Golden State’s trade package would entice me the most if I were the Wizards’ General Manager. Minnesota’s 1st round pick either this year or next year is an incredibly valuable asset, as the Timberwolves look like one of the NBA’s worst teams. I also like James Wiseman quite a bit. Wiseman has struggled defensively thus far, but there are clearly building blocks for Wiseman to evolve into a very good basketball player down the road: he’s got excellent agility for someone so big and Wiseman has a nice jump-shot already.

From the Warriors’ perspective, Bradley Beal would solidify what already looks like a playoff team. The window with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green is closing (much more so on Green than Curry), so Golden State would likely entertain taking a big swing while they’re still a dark-horse contender. The issue for Golden State is that their payroll would be littered with massive contracts: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and Bradley Beal. This deal would make a lot more sense for the Warriors if either Washington or a third team took Andrew Wiggins’ contract instead of Kelly Oubre’s expiring deal.

Ultimately, though, adding Bradley Beal would make Golden State a contending team this year.

Bradley Beal Trade #2: Philadelphia

Philadelphia 76ers Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Washington Wizards Receive

Ben Simmons PG/PF PHI Age: 24 — ($29.2 M, $31.6 M, $33.9 M, $36.2 M, $38.6 M)

Matisse Thybulle SF PHI Age: 23 — ($2.7 M, $2.8 M, $4.4 M (TO))

2021 1st round pick (Unprotected, PHI)

2023 1st round pick (Lottery Protected, PHI)


The 76ers have an intriguing array of assets for a Bradley Beal trade. I still believe that Ben Simmons could be the best player on a winning NBA team. While Simmons catches a lot of criticism for not being able to shoot, his defending and passing are elite. Matisse Thybulle is a young, potential 3-and-D player to toss in too. I considered also throwing impressive rookie Tyrese Maxey into the deal, but I decided that adding Maxey would give the Wizards too much value.

The counter-argument to Philadelphia making a move of this magnitude is that Ben Simmons is a really good player and the team is playing well right now. Bradley Beal would fit in nicely with Joel Embiid and the rest of Philly’s roster, but maybe sacrificing that many assets isn’t worth it for a team that’s playing so well right now.

Bradley Beal Trade #3: Denver

Denver Nuggets Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Washington Wizards Receive

Michael Porter Jr. SF DEN Age: 22 — ($3.55 M, $5.26 M)

RJ Hampton PG DEN Age: 19 — ($2.2 M, $2.3 M, $2.4 M (TO), $4.2 M (TO))

Bol Bol C DEN Age: 21 — ($2.0 M, $2.1 M)

2021 1st round pick (Unprotected, DEN)

Gary Harris SF DEN Age: 26 — ($19.16 M, $20.48 M)


Denver has a few worthy pieces to give to Washington for Bradley Beal. The centerpiece of the trade would have to be Michael Porter Jr. given that Jamal Murray isn’t on the table. MPJ is beginning to blossom into a true star player, as he’s had his playing time increase this season due to his undeniable offensive efficiency. The Nuggets have a small handful of other decent assets, including Bol Bol, rookie RJ Hampton, and future draft picks. While the Nuggets may not love the idea of trading away a potential superstar who’s currently on his rookie contract, it’s easy to see a big-three of Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and Bradley Beal make a respectable run at an NBA championship.

I would prefer the Golden State and Philadelphia offers over Denver’s because of the uncertainty regarding Michael Porter Jr’s health. This deal would put a lot of pressure on MPJ to become a great player, and the Wizards’ franchise knows a thing or two about trading for injured players.

Bradley Beal Trade #4: Memphis

Memphis Grizzlies Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Thomas Bryant C WAS Age: 23 — ($8.33 M, $8.73 M)

Washington Wizards Receive

Jaren Jackson Jr. C MEM Age: 21 — ($7.26 M, $9.18 M)

2021 1st round pick (Various light protections, UTA)

2021 2nd round pick (Unprotected, POR)

Desmond Bane SG MEM Age: 22 — ($1.9 M, $2.0 M, $2.1 M (TO), $3.8 M (TO))

Justise Winslow PF MEM Age: 24 — ($13 M, $13 M (TO))

Dillon Brooks SG MEM Age: 25 — ($11.4 M, $12.2 M, $11.4 M)


I’ll admit that a Memphis-Washington trade involving Bradley Beal is unlikely, but the Grizzlies have enough intriguing pieces for me to include them as a candidate. Ja Morant is clearly off of the negotiation table, but Jaren Jackson Jr is a great young player to have.

With Thomas Bryant already playing center, I figure he would also be shipped to Memphis in the deal. The Wizards would be given a buffet of players and draft picks to rebuild with, and Memphis would make their first big swing at attempting to satisfy their own developing superstar point guard.

Bradley Beal Trade #5: Miami

Miami Heat Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Washington Wizards Receive

Tyler Herro SG MIA Age: 21 — ($3.8 M, $4.0 M, $5.7 M (TO))

Precious Achiuwa PF MIA Age: 21 — ($2.58 M, $2.71 M, $2.84 M (TO), $4.37 M (TO))

Kendrick Nunn PG MIA Age: 25 — ($1.66 M)

2022 1st round pick (Unprotected, MIA)

Andre Iguodala SF MIA Age: 37 — ($15 M, $15 M (TO))


This deal makes a lot more sense for Washington than it does for Miami. If I were Washington, I’d consider Miami’s trade package because Tyler Herro, despite regressing this season, was incredibly good in the bubble at such a young age. Herro is a relatively weak centerpiece, though.

The problem for the Heat is that Beal doesn’t make their team demonstrably better given what they would have to give up to acquire him. Also, Miami already doesn’t have their own 1st round pick in 2021 and in 2023, so it’d be very risky to give away yet another draft pick.

Bradley Beal Trade #6: Atlanta

Atlanta Hawks Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Alex Len C WAS Age: 27 — ($4.0 M)

Washington Wizards Receive

De’Andre Hunter SF ATL Age: 23 — ($7.42 M, $7.77 M, $9.83 M (TO))

Onyeka Okongwu C ATL Age: 20 — ($5.8 M, $6.1 M, $6.4 M (TO), $8.1 M (TO))

2021 1st round pick (Unprotected, ATL)

2023 1st round pick (Unprotected, ATL)

Kevin Huerter SG ATL Age: 22 — ($2.7 M, $4.2 M)

Tony Snell SG/SF ATL Age: 29 — ($12.1 M)


This deal is difficult to imagine happening because the Hawks have a handful of decent young assets without a truly great centerpiece to give away — assuming that Trae Young is an untouchable asset with respect to the Bradley Beal negotiations.

Bradley Beal Trade #7: Sacramento

Sacramento Kings Receive

Bradley Beal SF/SG WAS Age: 27 — ($28.5 M, $34.5 M, $37.2 M (PO))

Washington Wizards Receive

2021 1st round pick (Top 7 Protected, SAC)

2023 1st round pick (Unprotected, SAC)

De’Aaron Fox PG SAC Age: 23 — ($8.1 M, $28.1 M, $30.3 M, $32.6 M, $34.8 M, $37.1 M)

Marvin Bagley III PF SAC Age: 21 — ($8.9 M, $11.3 M)

Nemanja Bjelica PF SAC Age: 32 — ($7.15 M)


This is one of the rare situations where I feel like any logical combination of assets the Kings offer would be too much to give for Bradley Beal. Tyrese Haliburton looks like he should’ve gone 1st overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, so I left him out of the deal. While Fox and Bagley are reasonable assets to part ways with for Sacramento, giving away future draft picks is dangerous for the Kings because Bradley Beal alone will likely not be enough for the Kings to be good in the short-term.

The funny thing about De’Aaron Fox is that while he is a decent young point guard, I’m not so sure that his contract isn’t more of a nuisance than a bargain. Fox is promising, but such a large contract extension seemed premature. Plus, the fit of De’Aaron Fox and Russell Westbrook appears problematic, as both guys struggle to shoot and like to control the ball. Also, there’s not a lot of evidence that Marvin Bagley is anything other than a total bust.

A negotiation between the Wizards and Kings might end in a stalemate over Tyrese Haliburton’s involvement in the deal.

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