2022 NFL Draft Grades: AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Round 1: №20 Kenny Pickett, QB (Pittsburgh)

Round 2: №52 George Pickens, WR (Steelers)

Round 3: №84 DeMarvin Leal, DE (Texas A&M)

Round 4: №138 Calvin Austin III, WR (Memphis

Round 6: №208 (from Chiefs) Connor Heyward, TE (Michigan State)

Round 7: №225 (from Jets) Mark Robinson, LB (Ole Miss)

Round 7: №241 Chris Oladokun, QB (South Dakota State)

Best Value(s): George Pickens (№52), DeMarvin Leal (№84), Calvin Austin III (№138)

Worst Value(s): Kenny Pickett (№20)

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: B-

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): C-

Baltimore Ravens

Round 1: №14 Kyle Hamilton, S (Notre Dame)

Round 1: №25 (from Bills) Tyler Linderbaum, C (Iowa)

Round 2: №45 David Ojabo, OLB (Michigan)

Round 3: №76 Travis Jones, NT (Connecticut)

Round 4: №110 (from Giants) Daniel Faalele, OT (Minnesota)

Round 4: №119 Jayln Armour-Davis, CB (Alabama)

Round 4: №128 (from Cardinals) Charlie Kolar, TE (Iowa State)

Round 4: №130 (from Bills) Jordan Stout, P (Penn State)

Round 4: №139 Isaiah Likely, TE (Coastal Carolina)

Round 4: №141 Damarion Williams, CB (Houston)

Round 6: №196 (from Dolphins) Tyler Badie, RB (Missouri) (signed)

Best Value(s): Tyler Linderbaum (№25), Travis Jones (№76), Daniel Faalele (№110), Jalyn Armour-Davis (№119), Isaiah Likely (№139)

Worst Value(s): Trading Marquise Brown and a 3rd round pick for pick 23

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: B+

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): B

Cincinnati Bengals

Round 1: №31 Daxton Hill, S (Michigan)

Round 2: №60 (from Buccaneers through Bills) Cam Taylor-Britt, CB (Nebraska)

Round 3: №95 Zachary Carter, DL (Florida)

Round 4: №136 Cordell Volson, OL (North Dakota State)

Round 5: №166 (from Cardinals through Eagles, Texans and Bears): Tycen Anderson, S (Toledo)

Round 7: №252 Jeffrey Gunter, DE (Coastal Carolina)

Best Value(s): Daxton Hill (№31)

Worst Value(s): None

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: C+

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): A-

Cleveland Browns

Round 3: №68 (from Texans) Martin Emerson, CB (Mississippi State)

Round 3: №78 Alex Wright, DE (UAB)

Round 3: №99 David Bell, WR (Purdue)

Round 4: №108 (from Texans) Perrion Winfrey, DT (Oklahoma)

Round 4: №124 (from Eagles through Texans) Cade York, K (LSU)

Round 5: №156 (from Vikings through Ravens) Jerome Ford, RB (Cincinnati)

Round 6: №202 (from Cowboys) Mike Woods, WR (Oklahoma)

Round 7: №223 (from Lions) Isaiah Thomas, DE (Oklahoma)

Round 7: №246 (from Bills) Dawson Deaton, C (Texas Tech)

Best Value(s): David Bell (№99), Perrion Winfrey (№108)

Worst Value(s): None

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: B

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): A




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