2022 NFL Draft Grades: AFC East

New England Patriots

Round 1: №29 (from 49ers through Dolphins and Chiefs) Cole Strange, G (UT-Chattanooga)

Round 2: №50 (from Dolphins through Chiefs) Tyquan Thornton, WR (Baylor)

Round 3: №85 Marcus Jones, CB (Houston)

Round 4: №121 (from Dolphins through Chiefs) Jackie Jones, CB (Arizona State)

Round 4: №127 Pierre Strong, RB (South Dakota State)

Round 4: №137 (from Rams through Texans and Panthers) Bailey Zappe, QB (Western Kentucky)

Round 6: №183 (from Texans) Kevin Harris, RB (South Carolina)

Round 6: №200 Sam Roberts, DT (Northwest Missouri State)

Round 7: №245 (from Cowboys through Texans) Andrew Stueber, OG (Michigan)

Best Value(s): Marcus Jones (№85), Jack Jones (№121), Pierre Strong (№127), acquiring 2023 3rd & 4th round picks from Kansas City in Round 1 trade-down

Worst Value(s): Tyquan Thornton (№50)

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: B

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): A+

New York Jets

Round 1: №4 Ahmad Gardner, CB (Cincinnati)

Round 1: №10 (from Seahawks) Garrett Wilson, WR (Ohio State)

Round 1: №26 (from Titans) Jermaine Johnson II, DE (Florida State)

Round 2: №36 (from Giants) Breece Hall, RB (Iowa State)

Round 3: №101 (from Saints through Eagles and Titans) Jeremy Ruckert, TE (Ohio State)

Round 4: №111 (from Panthers) Max Mitchell, OT (Louisiana)

Round 4: №117 (from Vikings) Michael Clemons, DE (Texas A&M)

Best Value(s): Ahmad Gardner (№4), Jermaine Johnson II (№26), Jeremy Ruckert (№101)

Worst Value(s): Garrett Wilson (№10)

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: A

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): B+

Miami Dolphins

Round 3: №102 Channing Tindall, LB (Georgia)

Round 4: №125 (from Steelers) Erik Ezukanma, WR (Texas Tech)

Round 7: №224 (from Texans through Patriots and Ravens) Cameron Goode, DE (California)

Round 7: №247 (from Titans) Skylar Thompson, QB (Kansas State)

Best Value(s): None

Worst Value(s): None

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: C

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): B

Buffalo Bills

Round 1: №23 (from Cardinals through Ravens) Kaiir Elam, CB (Florida)

Round 2: №63 (from Bengals) James Cook, RB (Georgia)

Round 3: №89 Terrel Bernard, LB (Baylor)

Round 5: №148 (from Bears) Khalil Shakir, WR (Boise State)

Round 6: №180 (from Jaguars through Buccaneers) Matt Araiza, P (San Diego State)

Round 6: №185 (from Panthers) Christian Benford, CB (Villanova)

Round 6: №209 (from Bengals) Luke Tenuta, OT (Virginia Tech)

Round 7: №231 (from Falcons) Baylon Spector, LB (Clemson)

Best Value(s): Khalil Shakir (№148)

Worst Value(s): Terrel Bernard (№89)

My 2022 NFL Draft Grade: B

My 2021 NFL Draft Grade (Unrevised): C-




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