2021 QB Draft Class: Ranking & Analyzing Top 7 QBs

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1. Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson 6–6 220 lbs. Age: 21 — Trevor Lawrence is the most fundamentally sound quarterback prospect in the 2021 NFL draft class. Lawrence has solid accuracy at all levels of the field, consistent footwork, and clean throwing mechanics. Trevor Lawrence also has great arm strength and unusual straight-line speed for a guy so large. I don’t see him being impervious to bad circumstances in the NFL, but Trevor Lawrence should be the no.1 overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars this April. — My Evaluation: Worthy of no.1 overall pick

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2. Mac Jones QB Alabama 6–2.5 214 lbs. Age: 22 — Perhaps a bit controversial, but I find Mac Jones to have a likably high floor as an NFL QB prospect because of his accuracy. Jones is a bit undersized, not very mobile, and without a cannon for an arm, but he is exceptionally accurate at all levels of the field, is a superb rhythm-and-timing thrower, and is a quick decision-maker. Mac Jones has a knack for putting the proper amount of trajectory on throws downfield, and there are finesse and anticipation in his shorter passes. Being drafted by a team with infrastructure will be important for Jones’ success, making San Francisco and New England good landing spots for him. If drafted by a poor team, Mac Jones may struggle, but there’s something to be said about playing with a style that’s conducive to winning situations. — My Evaluation: Mid/Early 1st Round pick

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3. Zach Wilson QB BYU 6–3 210 lbs. Age: 21 — Zach Wilson is an interesting prospect, as some evaluators have rated him as the best player in the 2021 draft, while other evaluators have ranked him as the third QB or lower. To me, Zach Wilson appears to be a boom-or-bust prospect who will ascend or decline with his team’s situation. Zach Wilson has excellent downfield accuracy and is a quick-processing quarterback, but Wilson has a propensity to scramble unnecessarily around the pocket and run at inopportune times. I worry that Wilson may end up handling pressure poorly and taking unnecessarily large hits as a runner when he reaches the NFL. Wilson’s highlights are dazzling, but his lowlights are concerning. There’s no problem with the Jets drafting Wilson second overall, but I think Zach Wilson would benefit greatly from taking time sitting before starting in the NFL. — My Evaluation: Mid/Early 1st Round pick

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4. Justin Fields QB Ohio St. 6–3 228 lbs. Age: 22 — There are some intriguing elements to Justin Fields’ game, but the more I’ve watched Fields, the less confident I’ve become in his ability to be a consistently accurate NFL QB. The first major issue with Fields is that his offense was very college-like in that he wasn’t required to consistently go through progressions the way he will in the NFL. Fields’ lack of quick decision-making has altered his ability to perform well on short, timing routes; Justin Fields has issues with short-pass accuracy, especially if it is a broken play. The positives are that Fields has a good feel for trajectory on deeper throws and is a decent runner with the ball. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Fields is as powerful as Cam Newton or as elusive as Kyler Murray, though; Justin Fields is a solid straight-line runner without much tackle-breaking. Fields should probably be given time to sit and get adjusted to the NFL’s speed before starting. If given the right supporting cast, Justin Fields can do great things in the NFL. — My Evaluation: Mid 1st Round pick

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5. Trey Lance QB North Dakota St. 6–4 226 lbs. Age: 20 — Trey Lance is an enormous, running back-like QB from a small school. Lance has terrific arm strength and power as a runner, making him intriguing as a 1st round prospect. Lance’s rushing ability really is special, as there’s a lot of Cam Newton-like strength in his running. The issues with Lance are that he’s not a rhythmic and accurate thrower consistently and he hasn’t been tested much as a passer due to his team’s dominance over a very weak conference. Lance’s skillset is perfect for a team with an excellent offensive line already in place like New England. — My Evaluation: Mid/Late 1st Round pick

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6. Kellen Mond QB Texas A&M 6–3 217 lbs. Age: 21 — Kellen Mond is a tall, strong-armed quarterback with raw talent. Mond throws with a lot of velocity but lacks touch. Mond’s lengthy strides give him a surprising amount of straight-line speed. Ultimately, Kellen Mond reminds me a lot of Colin Kaepernick as a player. The good news for Kellen Mond is that he’s made incremental improvements in each of his four college seasons, with his completion percentage moving up at least two percent every year. Mond should be a day-two pick with some upside. — My Evaluation: Late 2nd Round pick

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7. Kyle Trask QB Florida 6–5 240 lbs. Age: 23 — Kyle Trask is a prototypically sized pocket passer with very little mobility. Trask’s lack of mobility has forced him into standing in the pocket and making decisions, which he improved at substantially in the 2020 season. Trask lacks the consistent accuracy of someone like Mac Jones, but the hope for Trask is for him to become a dependable decision-maker who can make every throw. If he’s given infrastructure, Kyle Trask could be similar to Matt Schaub. If things don’t materialize for Trask, though, then he could become a Ryan Mallett-like backup QB. — My Evaluation: Early 3rd Round pick




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